Newsletter No. 1 - ISEE-ISES-ISIAQ / Environment and Health - Basel 2013  

Dear reader,

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is pleased to send you Newsletter No.1 from the Environment & Health Conference 2013 in Basel, Switzerland – the first-ever joint annual conferences of ISEE, ISES, and ISIAQ - Bridging North, South, East and West. We will bring together scientists from all 5 continents to discuss the latest advancements in our interdisciplinary fields of research. Updates on all relevant issues will be sent regularly and are found on the web:   

Today we would like to emphasize 5 issues:

1) Communication:
If you receive this email directly from the conference organizer desk, you are already on the Swiss TPH distributor. Feel free to share this email with others to let them also
register for these newsletters. 
During the next 10 months, we will send approximately 5-7 news/infos to those listed in this distributor. In case you do not want e-information about the conference, please click to unregister

NOTE: Members of ISEE, ISES and/or ISIAQ will receive our News/Infos also from the e-desk of the societies. Cross-posting is inevitable as societies do not share emails of members. If you unregister from this distributor you will still remain listed in the Societies distributor.

2) Scientific Program Committee (SPC):
Volunteer as member of the board to review and rank submitted abstracts and to put together oral sessions from the pool of abstracts (call open now until Nov 16, 2012)

NOTE: being a member is not a requirement to serve on SPC. IOC will choose some 120+ members, to well balance expertise and regions.

3) Important DATES:
Please mark your agenda for the following dates:

Pre-Conference Courses happen on Monday Aug 19, 2013
Opening Ceremony is on Monday late afternoon, Aug 19, 2013
Closure will be on Friday Aug 23, 2013, at 4 pm
Call for SYMPOSIA opens online mid-October and closes on Dec 10, 2012
Call for Pre-conference Courses: opens mid-October and closes on Jan 31, 2013
Call for ABSTRACTS opens in December 2012 and closes on Feb 15, 2013
Online Registration opens in Jan 2013
Remember that early bookings may cut your costs. Click here for more information

4) Piggy-back your research meetings/workshops: To limit environmental footprints and project costs, you may plan meetings/workshops of your international projects / networks in Basel as well, either before or after the conference. Click here for further information.

5) Environmental footprint: We make all efforts to run an environmentally respectful conference. We build on experiences from previous conferences of our societies. For additional ideas, please send a note to, chair of the Green Conference team.

On behalf of Swiss TPH and the International Organization Committee of ISEE, ISES, and ISIAQ we send you our very best regards and a warm WELCOME next August in the City of Basel.

Nino Künzli, Chair of the Conference, Deputy Director Swiss TPH
Martin Röösli, Co-Chair of the Conference and Unit Head at Swiss TPH
Marcel Tanner, Director Swiss TPH




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