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Environment and Health –
Bridging South, North, East and West
Conference of ISEE, ISES and ISIAQ
Basel, Switzerland 19 – 23 August 2013

Conference Fellowship Program

The Swiss TPH Conference Fellowship Program is now open for applications. (CLOSING ON MAY 31, 2013). To apply, please follow the link below.

Please note the following conditions: you must have registered via  (either with the Fee Waiver you may have received or with the payment of the default fees).

Please do NOT apply if you are not registered.

Please respond to all questions to the best of your knowledge – do not speculate about the “optimal response” you should provide; different donors have different criteria, thus, you need to provide the correct information. The total number of Fellowships will be limited and the amount may vary (typical amounts are between 500 and 1500 Swiss Francs). Depending on donors, recipients will be informed no later than July 15. Please note that Fellowships will in ALL CASES be provided only in person, at the Conference desk in Basel (cash or check, depending on donors). If you do not appear personally at the conference desk, the Fellowship will expire. Fellowships cannot be transferred to others. While most Fellowships may be assigned to students or young investigators, and scientists from low income countries, some donors may have other criteria :

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