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Environment and Health –
Bridging South, North, East and West
Conference of ISEE, ISES and ISIAQ
Basel, Switzerland 19 – 23 August 2013

Call for MEDIA Presentation

The call is closed.

Call for Press/Media Topics

Through this competitive call, we will select up to five research highlights of the conference, presented by the proposing author, to set-up an attractive News Conference. We may use other proposals as teasers, to be sent to the media (e-News). Media conference(s) will be held in German (general overview) and English.

Who should submit:

  • At the time of submission, the proposer ( = presenter) must be a registered participant, who definitely decided to come to Basel.
  • You must be a co-author of at least one abstract accepted at the conference or a chair.
  • While the call is open to all those, we ask in particular the senior scientific leaders or/and session chairs to identify the most attractive and relevant highlights that may be newsworthy. The proposal may not necessarily relate to one single abstract but cut across several ones (synthesis). It may relate to a study just published.
  • The presenting author (or accompanying researcher) has sufficient expertise to answer questions from journalists.

Successful proposals are:

newsworthy, of general interest, innovative, novel, and/or controversial scientific hot topics. Mini-debates on a certain issue may be possible too. Good fit with the overall themes of the conference, bridging South, North, East and West.

Format of News Conference:

Each one will have 5 minutes (strict) presentation with a maximum of 3 slides (may include animation/movie clips) directed to a general public & media audience; Q&A session; possibly opportunities for interviews with media.


The template will ask for the presenting author’s name; name and email of one accompanying scientist, if any (max two); the abstract or symposia number(s) the proposal refers to; a short (max 100 characters) and catchy TITLE; short ABSTRACT (max 300 words), including

  1. the general context and relevance (this should read like a well understandable media text, max. 100 words;
  2. a short statement for the jury about what is new and newsworthy about this research;
  3. a short statement on how it affects society, individuals and/or policy making.

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