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Environment and Health –
Bridging South, North, East and West
Conference of ISEE, ISES and ISIAQ
Basel, Switzerland 19 – 23 August 2013


Basel Running Tours

Basel Running Tours have designed tours specifically with our participants in mind - starting and finishing in the exhibition centre and timed to fit in around your conference session. Conference participants can see Basel on the run and receive a 15% discount in the process.

Early Morning Movement Sessions: Warm-ups / Yoga / Tai Chi

Wed 21.8.2013 / 8 – 8.30am

Simple movements with music to gently warm up your body. Neck and shoulders are strengthened and blood circulation is improved. You will feel refreshed and energized for the rest of the conference day.

Thr 22.8.2013 / 8 – 8.30am

Start the conference day relaxed and in harmony! Early morning yoga includes simple breathing, strengthening and stretching exercises. All movements are done upright. Previous experience is not required.

Fri 23.8.2013 / 8 – 8.30am

Tai Chi eases body tension. Relax your body and mind through a series of circular and harmonic movements. Previous experience is not required.

Meeting point

Your instructor will be waiting for you at 7.50 in front of the Swissotel Le Plaza Basel entrance (just outside the conference venue). All the early morning movement sessions will take place on the sports field „Landhof“ just 3 minutes away from conference venue.

All the early morning sessions can be performed in your regular clothes. No special outfit is needed. No registration necessary, just show up and jump in.

Swim the Rhine!

Swimming and floating in the river RHINE
Yes, the Rhine is clean in Basel! It is very popular to swim across the city. We promote to swim in the Rhine on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013. Visit the TAGESWOCHE booth at the exhibition to grab the popular swim bag;
the first 200 attendees registered for the SNRN event (PhD event) will get it free – all others can buy one! The optimal river swimming zone is along the Northern border (same side like Conference center). You can put your belongings into this water proof bag – it will swim with you…! Or: Leave it at the entry site (but no valuables!) and walk back up through the city. Entry sites: any… – e.g. walk South from conference centre and start swimming. There are several showers along the way.

Stick to the rules
You must be a good swimmer. Do not swim alone. No jumping from bridges etc. If you swim with a bag: don’t fix it on your body. Responsibility is fully yours. Do not cross the Rhine.

Guidelines for swimmers in the Rhine

Underground walk along the city of Basel

Discover the Birsig tunnel and some of the ancient history of medieval Basel in this spectacular tour. You need good shoes and bit of courage. Date: Wed 08/21 & Thursday 08/22 at 6pm, each tour limited to 20 people. Find the booking information at the Swiss TPH stand or book it via email: info-tph[at]unibas[dot]ch

Visit the Rhine Monitoring and Surveillance station

The River Rhine with its length of 1230km is a highly important lifeline for large parts of Europe. It is used by over 20 million people for drinking water production. Visit one of the most important river water monitoring stations in Europe. Date: Tue 08/21. Departure at 5.30 pm, tour is limited to 20 people. Booking information at the Swiss TPH stand or book it via email: info-tph[at]unibas[dot]ch


The Basel Conference Centre does not run a childcare center. However, should you be in need of child care, please contact registration[at]organizers[dot]ch by August 10th the latest and state both the child’s age and the desired period of care.

We will do our best to provide you appropriate options. Please note that this service is provided by third parties, at your own expenses.


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